The Awesome Foundation Business Pitch results

image March 30, 2015 / EVENTS

On Friday night at the Awesome Foundation Melbourne Mega Grant Pitch Party, Long Johns founder Brad pitched Long Johns to an awesome crowd of people to help spread the awareness of STI issues in Australia and remote Indigenous & Third World communities, and how we aim to tackle it and break down the stigmas and taboos associated with contraception, STIs and sexual health in general – AND he won a $1K grant in the process!

A huge thanks to everyone who came along, everyone who gave us amazing feedback and a bigger thanks to the folks at SitePoint, Flippa, Kooks Wine, Pozible and Charcoal Lane for making the event happen!

And also HUGE props to the guys at The Man Cave for taking out the $3K on the night for their awesome work providing preventative mental health and emotional intelligence programs for young boys and men around Australia – check em out!